Start by marking “Find Her, Keep Her, A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (Love in the USA, #1)” as Want to Read: Book one of the LOVE in the USA series features Daisy Blanchard and Belmont (Jack) Lord. Be the first to ask a question about Find Her, Keep Her, A Martha's Vineyard Love. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Z.L. Arkadie, is an experienced author and it shows in herwork. Her "Riveting these books will keep your interest right to thevery end." ~Michelle "A well-written book with complex characters." ~Kybkwrm "A must . Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (Love in the USA, #1) (): Z. L. Arkadie: Books.

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Sex scenes were made less graphic and the heroes full-on press was eased some. However, lots of fans, who read Find Her, Keep Her prior to the major update. Read "Find Her, Keep Her A Martha's Vineyard Love Story" by Z.L. Arkadie Book 5. Explore Her, More of Her - Daisy & Belmont, #2 ebook by Z.L. Book 6. Half a year and a life saving mistake later, he's got a second chance to go after the girl who got away, and he's willing to do just about anything to find her.

Just a few short meters away, happy couples and cheerful drunks reeled along the sidewalk, completely unaware of the woman who stood in the dark with her smartphone in her hand. There was no movement in the lit balcony above, and Sophia slouched against the wall, bored, tired and aching. She had been wandering up and down this alley for hours waiting for the shot she needed.

Her feet hurt and her head was sore. She thought she would have given anything to be at home, cuddling her cat and watching some brainless television, but Brent had told her to get on the pavement and not come back until she had something good. There was a scuffing of shoes on pavement, and she shrank back against the wall as a man and woman stumbled into the shelter of the alley. The woman pinned her companion against the brick wall, worrying at his shirt collar with her fingers before leaning in to nibble on his neck.

His eyes unfocused as the woman pressed her body against his, but Sophia was surprised to see that he was looking right at where she was standing. For a moment, she wondered as she always did if they knew she was there. Maybe they were only ignoring her out of sheer stubbornness or out of some kind of kinky game. But after five years she knew better. Her eyes went back to the balcony, which was still sadly empty. Some part of her wanted to give the couple their privacy, though another part of her fiercely envied what they had.

She wondered what it was like to want someone so much she was willing to press him against a brick wall, just a little hidden from a busy thoroughfare.

She wondered what it would be like to feel broad, strong hands on her hips, claiming her and making her moan. The couple grew louder, and Sophia shifted uncomfortably. She didn't want to give up her unblocked view of the window, but she also didn't want to witness more than she should of the two who were so obviously enjoying themselves.

Just when she was wondering what she should do, the French door to the balcony opened, and a woman in a light camisole and robe appeared.

Sophia's camera was in her hand, and she held it up, but it wasn't the woman she needed, or at least, it wasn't the woman alone.

The woman on the balcony glanced down into the alleyway. She smiled with amusement to see the heedless couple below her.

She gestured behind her into the room, and a man in a terrycloth robe came out to join her. Jackpot, Sophia thought, snapping picture after picture with her smartphone.

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This is going to be all your wife needs to get that divorce you won't give her, Mr. Sophia could practically taste the soup she was going to heat up and feel her cat purring away next to her, but then it all went wrong. The couple next to her was getting increasingly energetic, and the man was apparently feeling playful. He pushed his companion away from him, intent on pinning her against the opposite wall.

Unfortunately, that was right where Sophia was standing. Though her peculiar skills at making herself unnoticed were good, they did not survive someone touching her.

The woman cried out. Sophia yelped. And suddenly there were four pair of confused eyes locked on her. Three pairs were simply befuddled by what they saw, but one pair, the one belonging to the man in the terrycloth, saw her smartphone. He knew exactly what she was doing.

The couple who had been sharing the alleyway with her made a hasty departure, and Sophia was right on their heels. She would make it to the street and be gone and unnoticed, safe at home before the man could blink, or at least that was the way it was supposed to go. Instead, the woman running before her lost a high-heeled shoe, and when Sophia's foot came down on it, her ankle rolled with a stomach turning wrench.

She went down hard on the pavement, and for several long moments, she was simply on her side, gasping with pain. Sophia wondered dizzily if she had broken her ankle, and then as the roaring of the man in the robe became clearer, she realized that her ankle was the last thing she should be worrying about. She wobbled to her feet, her ankle threatening to buckle on her again, but she had not made it two feet before the man emerged from a service door and saw her.

His meaty hands wrapped around her shoulders. He pushed his face into hers, his mouth open and shouting. What the hell did you see? Give me that, give me that damned phone Brent had always told her that getting out with her skin intact was more important than getting the scoop, no matter how good it was, but her terrified mind wouldn't allow her to let the phone go.

Instead, she clung to it and struggled fruitlessly to pull away. Daisy just can't help herself, she loves everything Jack does to her. Jack the gorgeous billionaire, though choice for Daisy. Thanks to the author. Can't wait to read the next one! Who the fuck even uses the word gigolo anymore? I just can't with these people. I'd be bitter if this wasn't a freebie. The premise of the book sounded really promising but I had some issues with the writing as a lot of other reviewers seemed to.

You shouldn't start laughing out loud in the middle of a sexual scene in a romance novel! Some terms that were used were hysterically cheesy. I wasn't crazy about Belmont's pushyness. I did wonder why he was so insistent on perusing this woman and came on as strong as he did. I still really don't understand what unfolded at the lunch with her ex and ex best friend. So, h The premise of the book sounded really promising but I had some issues with the writing as a lot of other reviewers seemed to.

So, he was being paid to be with her? Why would they do that? At what point did he actually stop being an escort and start actually being with her because he wanted to? What was up with him having the two different names? And kudos to this woman marrying someone who was paid to sleep with you! That would certainly creep me out with doubt forever. And as for the surprise ending You discuss birth control options after you've already had sex a dozen or so times?

Yes, that's a very responsible practice to promote. I did actually find myself enjoying parts of this book though. The imagery was nice and did the area justice. The plot didn't drag and it kept you interested. Wasn't a total waste of time, although not sure I'd go for this author again. Certainly nothing else in this series at least. Overall, this was not a bad book. Believe me, I've read much worse. The story had an interesting premise, but there just wasn't enough Our hero, Belmont aka: Jack, was immature and at times bordered on too sexually aggressive.

There was also no real chemistry between him and Daisy because he was too "over the top" while she was too repressed. In fact in my opinion, the most interesting character in the book was Thelma the eccentric ex-artist who threw dinner part Overall, this was not a bad book. In fact in my opinion, the most interesting character in the book was Thelma the eccentric ex-artist who threw dinner parties for an eclectic group of people on a regular basis.

The real problem with this book was the use of juvenile terms during the sex scenes which were NOT good. Although Daisy was joking, her reference to Belmont's liquid fertilizer was just icky. Instead of using adult terms, the author used schlong and rod to describe Belmont's penis. I almost felt like I was reading a teenage girl's diary. The most over the top phrase for me was, "He uses his knee to spread my legs and reaches down to stuff his hard-on inside of my sugar caves.

If you're uncomfortable using the terms, don't write sex scenes. Despite the creepy way the author described sex between Belmont and Daisy, it was a fast read that I did want to finish.

I doubt that I'll go on to read other books by this author, but there is appeal to a certain type of reader. Just not me It got a bit corny at times.

When an author refers to the lady bits as "sugar caves" I check out though. I pushed through and finished the book and quite honestly it read like 50 Shades of Grey fanfic, without the domestic abuse. At least it was readable. It was so bad I couldn't finish it. Horrible cliches, horrible writing, horrible plot line. As another reviewer commented, it sounds like it was written by a twelve year old boy. Well, I concur. The author lost me at "he's poking me with his poker again".

I loved this story, which was surprising because everything happens so quickly, but I fell for Belmont.

He was such a strong, determined sexy lead that knew what he wanted and went after it regardless. I loved that. I also loved Daisy. She felt real to me, strong, and I could totally imagine her crashing the weddings, swimming in the ocean, traveling around the world alone, and independent. They made a wonderful couple.

I would definitely read another book by Z. No one. I truly enjoyed the sexual romp between Daisy and Belmont. That was never lacking but I didn't feel that quintessential spark or longing that two supposedly destined beings are embarking on.

Find Her, Keep Her, A Martha's Vineyard Love Story

In my opinion, the story felt flat and dull. The author was unable to express in words the feelings between two lovers other than making pointed references in their 'destined partnership'. It was a difficult read that tested my limits and I'm thankful it was free.

I simply didn't connect with the writing, plot, or characters. This is quite possibly the least convincing love story I've ever read. It lacked depth and chemistry, and the first person present tense didn't work for me at all.

What a shame; the premise sounded so promising. The sex scenes are very crude. He "stuffs" his erection into her. Insta-love, insta-sex, insta-obsession. Don't know what was I thinking when I started reading this book! This book was full of adventure, romance, and believable characters.

I would have liked to have more background storyline rather than just two people having a lot of sex. Belmont vows not to contact Daisy in anyway in exchange for her not leaving the island and continuing to stay at his local beach house.

The attraction between Daisy and Belmont is not something that can be ignored. Kind of a sketchy start but it really develops throughout! It threw me through a loop when I found out the dirt! Had a lot of oh shit moments which kept me wanting to read more!

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Overall it was a good read and I would suggest it bc it's free on iBooks aaaaand it has some good pointers for advice when it comes to marriage. A little spoiler and kind of sad on my part but the interview she had with the bride made me really think.. So I copied the convo.. Arkadie, Z. This material may be protected by copyright.

I loved this! Daisy discovers Adrian her pathetic wimpy boyfriend of ten years is engaged to her very skanky "best" friend Maya, this she discovers due to a change of status on Facebook. After doing nothing but crying and sleeping for days she takes an assignment in Martha's Vineyard where she meets Belmont Lord.

Now I have so many issues with this book but I can't go into detail without spoiling it, I'll just say that very little of it worked for me, Adrian and Maya together!!!! Why and how. Belmont has money Daisy discovers Adrian her pathetic wimpy boyfriend of ten years is engaged to her very skanky "best" friend Maya, this she discovers due to a change of status on Facebook.

Did anyone else find it a bit creepy the way he latched onto her after meeting blonde barbie off the ferry, Daisy also annoyed me the list goes on I stuck with this till the end because I liked the idea and hoped, I don't honestly know what I hoped but it was all so contrived, implausible and far fetched. I know this is a romance book so it gets a certain amount of leeway but come on we're not idiots it at least needs to have a touch of reality about it.

Jesus I think Belmont is just a little too honest for his own damn good, "if you think I do this sort of thing often, I don't. Kara and i are off, and she can't get over it. I told her last night. That's why it took me so long to get your wine. Look, on my part it was nothing. She called me and asked if I could pick her up from the ferry. I said yes. I saw you, Jesus I think Belmont is just a little too honest for his own damn good, "if you think I do this sort of thing often, I don't.

I saw you, and I wasn't the same. But we did have dinner, she came over and put the moves on me, the way I wished you would. I don't know I thought my fascination with you was unreasonable, so I tried to forget about it.

She and I A fairly light read about a travel writer on the mend from a broken heart who falls in love with a local while working on a story about and at Martha's Vineyard. It's a story that ended a bit stronger than it began, marginally. This is your typical fluff where the romance accelerates and break-neck speed and the characters are declaring their undying love within hours of meeting and with a series of erotic scenes thrown in for good measure.

It was cute, predictable and entertaining. It was short A fairly light read about a travel writer on the mend from a broken heart who falls in love with a local while working on a story about and at Martha's Vineyard.

It was short on the character development, but it seems these characters will make appearances in the later books and the "villains" of the story are rather two dimensional. I see from the reviews that the second and third books in this series are stronger than this one, so I'll keep reading. A welcome and quick distraction. The main characters were awkward, nothing like 35 year old adults. They never really developed past needy stages emotionally. Events were awkward, no developments.

Things were never resolved, issues happened and were never addressed. Just an awkward waste of time. A little unrealistic but a nice book to escape after a long day at work. I had to distance myself from the decisions of the characters and just accept other people do things a little differently than me. By doing this is was an easy read.

Just an average book to me nothing to make me read the sequel. It would have been a better story, in my opinion, if it had focused more on the relationship. In the end, it turned out ok, but a lot of it was quite weird.

Another great romantic read, not that I believe in love at first sight but hey, its a book, good story line that kept you on the edge of your seat especially near the end. Won't spoil it, it is a must read. Please Update Cover 2 16 Nov 14, About a freelance journalist who write a series based around taxi rides, but needed to look for a different angle for an island Martha's island??? Readers also enjoyed. About Z. Other books in the series.

Love in the USA 1 - 10 of 12 books. Books by Z. No trivia or quizzes yet.Read Aloud. In this one, a girl is kidnapped from an exclusive private school in Switzerland and Gabriel Allon is brought on board to find her.

I'm fine, thank you. His fingers were long and lean, and when they wrapped around her wrist, she could feel how warm they were. Blackest Red: How to write a great review Do Say what you liked best and least Describe the author's style Explain the rating you gave Don't Use rude and profane language Include any personal information Mention spoilers or the book's price Recap the plot.

The scene then cuts away to sunset, later that day.

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